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Forensic Leadership: The traces we leave behind

Forensic Leadership is Paul’s own theory which employs the founding principle of forensic science and places it into the leadership domain where it is possible to analyse the leadership traces that we both leave behind and that are left upon us. Its simplicity belies its impact. Paul Kinkaid is an accomplished speaker and leadership expert who founded Selfless Leadership Group after a 20 year career as a British Army Officer and Army Commando. During his service he led elite teams in 44 countries on 5 of the World’s 7 continents in some of the most challenging situations and environments imaginable. His leadership philosophy is that ‘Great leadership comes from a position of care’ which, given his background, surprises. He shares his knowledge, skills and experiences through captivating talks and develops leaders and teams all over the world from Ambassador to Apprentice through 1 to 1 and group coaching, development programmes and workshops. If you thought you knew what ‘Army Leadership’ was all about; prepare to have your perceptions changed.
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Paul Kinkaid
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