Event features

Committed to delivering HBS as the all new #1 business show in the county! Jump in and out of talks with our speakers and book onto focussed seminars. Take full advantage of our event features to maximise your ability to connect with new businesses, gain leads and grow!

Business Expo Zones

Meet businesses from the furthest reaches of Hampshire & beyond!

Connect and network with our exhibitors from a variety of industries across both expo zones. Our expo zones showcase businesses who are in the business of helping your business. Explore our four quarters where you will find solutions in the support, services, digital and innovation areas. As well this our sponsored expo zone in the Atrium provides further solutions upon entering Hampshire Business Show.

Innovation Quarter

Exhibitors include softwares, technology, CRM's and innovative products & services

The innovation quarter will showcase a variety of technological solutions, softwares and services which can help increase productivity, automation and strengthen your own offering in your business.

Support Quarter

Exhibitors include Financial, Legal, Education, Charity, Coaching, Insurance and more

The Support quarter provides expert solutions which can assist your business from a financial perspective, protecting your business, gaining business knowledge, strategies and services which can align with your business goals and growth aspirations. 

Business Services quarter

Exhibitors include hospitality, office & meeting space, telecoms, travel, recreation, general business services and more

Our Business Services quarter showcases commercial space, leisure, travel, print, automotive and other business essentials which aid businesses for every day operations.  

Digital Quarter

Exhibitors include digital marketing, PR, creative services, security services, advertising and more

The Digital quarter is a one stop shop for gaining attention in a busy digital world. Connect with seasoned marketers, PR companies and learn how to standout online with creative content, services and advertising.

Atrium Expo zone

Learn from industry experts

This is HBS’s sponsored expo zone in the Atrium provides further solutions upon entering Hampshire Business Show.

Meet me zone

Arrange meetings 1-2-1

The ‘Meet Me Zone’ is where any pre arranged meetings can take place which are scheduled via the HBS app or that are arranged at the show. This is a space where you can purchase refreshments, grow and flourish relationships and deliver more personal conversations. 

HBS app

Connect, Message, Meet

The Hampshire Business Show app has a built in social network where you can connect with other attendees, send messages and schedule appointments at the show! We are one of the first business expos in the UK where you can access all the information you need via the app. Keep up to date on all the latest news from your smartphone.

Keynote Stage

Learn from industry experts

Our keynote speakers have been chosen based on their skill set and track records to deliver at the highest level. We are proud to be working such a brilliant line up of speakers who will motivate you, teach new skills and provide a broad insight into their specific industries. Take advantage of their wealth of knowledge and integrate it into your business to see positive change happen.

Business Seminars

Learn from industry experts

Our focus seminars cover a range of ‘here and now’ topics which are contributors into personal development, business development and improving your overall offering. Explore our seminar speakers and develop knowledge in social media, leadership, personal wellbeing, protecting your business and more!